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A story that takes us to the year 1808, when the French invaded the region, the people, afraid that they plunder the goods, hid what could the wine was buried in the floor of the cellars, under the barrels and mills. Later, when recovered the assets remaining and digging up the wine, they deemed it spoiled.

However, they found that was very tasty, it had acquired new properties. It was a wine with graduate 10/11, palhete, apaladado, and some natural gas, which stemmed you to have produced a ferment in the dark at constant temperature. Having been "buried" was to be named "Wine of the Dead," and went on to be used this technique, discovered by chance, to better conserve and enhance their quality. Thus was born the tradition of "bury" the wine. Today there are few farmers who keep this tradition alive, the towering vines to Boticas village and farms, the existing there slopes, which have the climate and soil conditions suitable for the production of this precious wine, which are not abundant, has pleasant taste and deserves to be appreciated. Serve at 14ºC temperature.